How to 3D Print With ABS Filament

Hot End

Temperature: 220-250 °C

Hot Bed

Temperature: 90-110 °C
Enclosure required


Cooling Off

Build Surface

Stick on 3M build surface

About ABS

ABS or Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene is a common thermoplastic. It is a strong, impact resistant and heat resistant filament that lends great properties to a wide range of applications. It also has awesome post processing options for smooth and even stronger parts.

ABS is a  popular plastic for injection molding and used to make lego, gaming consoles, sports equipment and more.

3D Printing with ABS

ABS Paraglider GoPro Foot mount

ABS tends to shrink a fair bit when cooling so controlling the temperature of your build volume with an inclosure is highly recommended. It also has a slight odor, so be sure to print in an open space with good ventilation.


ABS needs a much higher hot end and bed temperature than PLA. Most ABS flows well between 220-250°C and hot bed around 90-110°C. For Kiwi3D ABS series we find 240°C on the hot end and 90-95°C on the hot bed. The shrinkage of ABS can make first layer adhesion a little difficult. Setting the first couple layers 10°C hotter can help to get better adhesion to the print bed as well as the first layers.

Pro Tip!
When pre-heating your printer keep your enclosure closed in to get it warmed up for better first layer adhesion.

RC Car Suspension ABS Part

Build Surface & Leveling

We find glass with hair spray works best. You can also use stick on 3M build surfaces. If you're using glass you're going to want to use some hair spray, glue, or ABS slury to stop the corners from lifting.

Leveling needs to be bang on and a little closer than you would normally set for PLA. You want to get a little squishing of the filament down on to the build surface.


You do not want any cooling fans on the part while printing or cooling. This would cause shrinkage, layer splitting and warping. Bridging capabilities are good enough with out a part fan.


DJI Spark ABS landing legs
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